Are there famous people living with turner syndrome? It’s incredible to see how many well-known female figures have not only achieved success but have also thrived while living with Turner syndrome.

From actresses to athletes to politicians, these inspiring individuals have not let their condition hold them back. Here is a list of 10 famous females living with Turner syndrome who have made significant contributions in their respective fields:

Key Takeaways:

  • Bonnie Pinto: American actress, 4’8″ tall, founder of The Bonnie Pinto Foundation.
  • Danielle Moonstar: Fictional comic book character from Marvel Comics with Turner syndrome.
  • Haley Moss: American lawyer, author, artist, and public speaker; born with Turner syndrome.
  • Lizzy Yarnold: British skeleton racer, diagnosed with Turner syndrome at age 7.
  • Angela Alsobrooks: American attorney and politician, first female County Executive of Prince George’s County; born with Turner syndrome.
  • Emilia Clarke: English actress known for Game of Thrones; revealed to have Turner syndrome.
  • Jorgie Porter: English actress raising awareness for Turner syndrome, 4’11” tall.
  • Beckanne Sisk: American actress and model, known for Anne with an E, born with Turner syndrome.
  • Fran Drescher: American actress and comedian, known for The Nanny, born with Turner syndrome.
  • Karen Duffy: American writer, model, and actress, advocate for Turner syndrome and chronic illness.

Celebrities with Turner Syndrome

Emilia Clarke Celebrities with Turner Syndrome

Actresses and Performers Defying Odds

Some incredible female actresses like Emilia Clarke & Bonnie Pinto have shown remarkable resilience and strength while living with Turner syndrome. Despite facing physical and developmental challenges, these inspiring women have excelled in their careers and continue to inspire others.

Lizzy Yarnold famous people with turner syndrome

Athletes Breaking Barriers

More famous people with turner syndrome? How about athletes? Inspiring athletes like Lizzy Yarnold have not let their condition hold them back. They have shown determination and courage, shattering barriers and achieving great success in their respective sports. These incredible women serve as role models for others facing similar challenges.

Famous People with Turner Syndrome

Turner Syndrome Awareness

The advocacy and awareness surrounding Turner syndrome have been greatly enhanced by individuals who have shared their personal stories with the public. These spokespersons play a crucial role in raising awareness about the condition and providing support to those affected by it.

Charitable Works

Works individuals, whether famous or not, have contributed significantly to charitable initiatives focused on Turner syndrome. Their efforts have helped fund research, support families dealing with the condition, and raise awareness about the challenges faced by those with Turner syndrome.

Another way that these individuals have made a positive impact is through their charitable works and initiatives. By using their platform and influence, they have been able to support organizations that work towards improving the lives of individuals with Turner syndrome.

  • 1. Bonnie Pinto- Actress and founder of The Bonnie Pinto Foundation.
  • 2. Danielle Moonstar- Fictional character from Marvel Comics with Turner syndrome.
  • 3. Haley Moss- Lawyer, author, and speaker advocating for Turner syndrome and autism awareness.
  • 4. Lizzy Yarnold- British skeleton racer and Turner syndrome advocate.
  • 5. Angela Alsobrooks- Politician and attorney with Turner syndrome.
  • 6. Emilia Clarke- Actress famous for Game of Thrones and Turner syndrome survivor.
  • 7. Jorgie Porter- Actress raising awareness for Turner syndrome.
  • 8. Beckanne Sisk- Actress and model with Turner syndrome.
  • 9. Fran Drescher- Actress and cancer advocate born with Turner syndrome.
  • 10. Karen Duffy- Writer, model, and actress advocating for chronic illness awareness.

Role Models in Different Spheres

Angela_Alsobrooks Famous people with turner syndrome

Leaders in Business and Innovation

To highlight that individuals with Turner syndrome can excel in various fields, we look at some inspiring women who have made significant contributions in business and innovation. These role models demonstrate that with determination and resilience, anyone can achieve great success despite the challenges posed by Turner syndrome.

Creatives Shaping the Arts

Turner syndrome has not hindered the creative pursuits of these talented women who have made their mark in the arts industry. Their work showcases their unique perspectives and talents, inspiring others to pursue their artistic passions despite any obstacles they may face.

Last Words

On the whole, there are numerous amazing and talented women who have not let Turner syndrome hold them back from achieving their dreams. From actresses like Bonnie Pinto, Emilia Clarke, and Fran Drescher, these individuals have shown immense strength and resilience.

The list also includes inspirational figures like lawyer Haley Moss, politician Angela Alsobrooks, and model Jorgie Porter, who have used their platforms to raise awareness about Turner syndrome.

Lastly, the inclusion of fictional characters like Danielle Moonstar adds a unique perspective to the representation of Turner syndrome in media. Finally, advocates like Karen Duffy, who champions for those with chronic illness and pain, further demonstrate the diverse paths these remarkable women have taken in living with Turner syndrome.


Q: Who are some famous female individuals living with Turner Syndrome?

A: Some famous females living with Turner Syndrome include Bonnie Pinto, Danielle Moonstar, Haley Moss, Lizzy Yarnold, Angela Alsobrooks, Emilia Clarke, Jorgie Porter, Beckanne Sisk, Fran Drescher, and Karen Duffy.

Q: Who is Bonnie Pinto?

A: Bonnie Pinto is an American actress known for her role as Margo Frost on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. She started The Bonnie Pinto Foundation to raise awareness and support families dealing with Turner Syndrome.

Q: Who is Danielle Moonstar?

A: Danielle Moonstar is a fictional comic book character from Marvel Comics who has Turner Syndrome. She is known for creating illusions drawn from the fears of a person’s mind.

Q: Who is Haley Moss?

A: Haley Moss is an American lawyer, author, artist, and public speaker. She was the first openly autistic person to practice law in Florida and is a Turner Syndrome advocate.

Q: Who is Lizzy Yarnold?

A: Lizzy Yarnold is a British skeleton racer and Winter Olympics gold and bronze medalist. She was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome at age 7.

Q: Who is Angela Alsobrooks?

A: Angela Alsobrooks is an American attorney and politician who serves as the County Executive of Prince George’s County, Maryland. She is the first female executive and was born with Turner Syndrome.


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